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Grafton Paddle Sports - Wizard kayak


I bought the Grafton Paddle Sports - Wizard about 10 years ago.  The Wizard was developed by lengthening a Grafton Paddle Sports Avenger down river racer kayak - from 4.5m to 5.2 and adding a rudder.  So it is no coincidence that it looks like a DR boat with a rudder.  It can also handle rough white water with ease.  I do find the kayak slightly more tippy than my Time Bandit.

When using the Wizard in very shallow areas - on a bend in a river or over shallow sand bars, I found that I could keep up a good speed despite the bottom drag.  It handled the shallow water better than the time bandit.  Overall it is a really good kayak.


Wizard compared to Time Bandit


Wizard and Time Machine