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Grafton Paddle Sports - Time Bandit kayak

(The high-deck and original low-deck versions)



After I sold my second Time Bandit, I went through withdrawal symptoms and as soon as I saw that Steve was producing a Time Bandit with a larger cockpit entry (like the Time Traveller) I wanted one.  My second Time Bandit was a high-deck version with both rudder options and I loved this for all paddling.  I used it in downwind ski races using the underneath rudder and I used it for flatwater & whitewater rivers with the trailing rudder.  It is warm to paddle in through Hobart winters and it has been my favourite all-round kayak.

I can't wait for my new carbon, high-deck, large cockpit time bandit.


I had my first Grafton Paddle Sports - Time Bandit for about 5 years and I loved it.  I had both rudder options which gives you great flexibility to use it for ocean racing and for river paddling & white water.  It is really only limited by the amount of training that you do.

It is a great all-round kayak that can be used for so many different events - as long as you do the training in the kayak.  When I bought my Time Bandit the high deck version of the bandit didn't exist.  The time bandit is very similar in speed to the ocean skis that are in the category between the advanced to intermediate (like a Hawx).  It really is personal preference whether it is more comfortable or faster in a ski or kayak.  I just prefer the feel of a kayak for warmth, seating position (no hump under legs).

I find it interesting that both the Chrono & Time Bandit are 42cm wide.  If this is the case the Time Bandit feels so much roomier & more stable than the Chrono.  The Chrono is faster, but tippier.  If I had to do a marathon paddle of 100km + I could quite happily sit in a Time Bandit for that long but I would limit the Chrono to 10-15km.  They are different beasts.  The Chrono can accelerate quickly and is fast for shorter periods - whereas the Time Bandit is happy cruising along by itself.  Once you have it gliding along it wants to just keep cruising - for me at 11.5-12km/h.  Over a 10km course I think I was about 0.3 to 0.5km/h faster in the Chrono but over longer distances, the comfort of the Bandit would make me faster in that.


The high deck Time Bandit - it has the same hull as the low deck bandit, but it has more volume in the bow of the top deck.


Time Bandit compared to Time Traveller


Time Bandit compared to Grafton Paddle Sports - Wizard