matty's tasmanian adventures - index


my kayaks

 Grafton Paddle Sports - Chrono Elite - 12kg  racing flat water to moderate waves & wind, 2 rudder options (trailing or underneath)
 Grafton Paddle Sports - carbon Time Bandit high deck  I love the Time Bandit - good in white water, open water & flat rivers
 Grafton Paddle Sports Avenger  down river racing
 Evolution Edge - carbon kayak (12kg)  flat water racing (unless you do lots of training in rough water)
 Fenn Elite - S - carbon hybrid 12.5kg  ocean racing
 Fenn Swordfish - S - (version 2) carbon hybrid 12.5  rough open water racing & training
 Mirage 580 sea kayak  great for long expedition trips
 Perception Wavehopper - plastic downriver racer  great for learning new whitewater rivers
 Mirage 730 sport (the 58cm wide version) double sea kayak  fast for a double sea kayak with 3 mast steps (fibreglass)
 Mirage 730 (61cm wide version) double sea kayak  cruising sea kayak that holds more gear than the sport version above (kevlar)
 Mission Eco Bezhig plastic sea kayak  cruisy sea kayak trips, rocky island landings & even down white water rivers - it does everything



Alpacka packraft - Denali Llama model for bushwalking with river or lake exploring

Next Plans (funds permitting)

1. a Raider X sea kayak

Previous kayaks/skis (in rough order of purchase)

1. Pratt surf ski
2. Burton surf ski
3. Hayden surf ski
4. Spectrum surf ski - this was a revolutionary new design for SLSA skis -
5. Spectrum surf ski
6. fibreglass downriver racer
7. Dagger RPM
8. Perception Method Air
9. Perception Whip It
10. Canoes Plus-Evolution Edge - kevlar
11. Penguin Fibreglass - Greenlander 2 sea kayak
12. Necky Looksha plastic sea kayak
13. Penguin Fibreglass - Greenlander Pro sea kayak
14. Necky Elaho HV plastic sea kayak
15. Grafton Paddle Sports - Wizard
16. Gibbons slsa Surf Ski
17. Aurum K1
18. Evolution Edge - carbon/kevlar
19. Grafton Paddle Sports - Time Traveller - kevlar
20. Grafton Paddle Sports - Time Bandit low deck - kevlar
21. Epic V10L
22. Grafton Paddle Sports - Time Bandit high deck - kevlar
23. carbon/kevlar down river racer kayak
24. Paddling Perfection - Slingshot sea kayak
25. Dagger RPM Max
26. Fenn Swordfish (v1) - vacuum fibreglass