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Mirage 730 Sea Kayak

Mirage Sea Kayaks make two models of double sea kayak.  They are both 7.3m long.  One is 58.5cm wide and the other is 61cm wide.  In 2003 I bought the narrower version and in 2014 I bought the 61cm version.

Mirage double - front on - the white bags are for sails. Mirage double - inside the cockpit Mirage double - side on view

The mirage double is a fast and comfortable, sea kayak.  I have taken it on many extended trips - including a trip to Flinders Island.  We were able to fit enough gear for an extended trip and could average over 10 km/h in a fully loaded kayak into light head winds crossing the 30km Banks Strait to Clarke Island.

The front hatch opening is quite small so I use smaller dry bags instead of a less number of larger ones.

I love the speed of the kayak and the ease of pulling over the top of a swell and flying down the front of a wave for kilometre after kilometre on a long downwind run.


To contact Mirage - ph 02 4324 1922.  Their email address is