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Grafton Paddle Sports

This is Matthew Watton's Grafton Paddle Sports info page - It isn't the official website.  I just made this page because I really like their kayaks.  I have had a Wizard (high deck model), an Avenger down river racer, a low deck Time Bandit, Time Traveller,  Chrono Elite and a kevlar high-deck Time Bandit and a carbon one - and I love them all for different conditions.  I would love to try the new K1 Alchemist and the Fusion.

See specification table below


The Alchemist K1 racing kayak - Steve has produced a masters K1 kayak and a smaller volume K1 racing kayak for the lighter paddlers.

The 575 - the low volume version of the Time Traveller - as it is 5.75m long.  It is a slightly scaled down version of the very popular Time Traveller and is designed for 'lighter' paddlers.  It is 25cm shorter, a bit narrower and has a lower front deck - compared to the Time Traveller.

CHRONO ELITE - While this kayak is the same length as the 575 it is narrower & faster (& a bit tippier) than the Grafton Time Bandit and Time Machine.

TIME BANDIT high deck- The higher front deck was designed for the bow to be more buoyant in rough water.  The low front deck version is still available.

THE TIME TRAVELLER - It is almost as long as the time bandit but it is wider and more stable.  It also has a larger cockpit so you can sit in it and put your legs in after you have sat down.  There are thigh braces as well.  It is only fractionally slower in calm water than the Time Bandit, but in challenging conditions an inexperienced paddler could go faster (than they would have in a time bandit) because they will be able to put all of their effort into driving forwards instead of struggling to stay upright.  For more information, call Steve at Grafton Paddle Sports on 02 66424780


Chrono #8 by Steve Muir.

If you like paddling a pure racing machine, than can handle rough water (depending on your skills) then the Chrono is for you.  It is competitive against K1's in flat water & when it gets rough it will pass them - if you put in the training.

The Chrono is 5.8m long and 42cm wide.  While this might be the same maximum width as the Time Bandit but they are vastly different craft.  The maximum width for the Chrono is above the waterline and it gets quite narrow & sleek under the water - whereas the Bandit is rounder under the water with a flatter, rounder hull.  The Bandit would suit a heavier paddler.

Based on my experiences - this would be their stability rating:

modern racing K1 - 1 (the one I used was a KayakPro Aurum)
Evolution Edge - 2  (this isn't made by Grafton - but is a tippy kayak that I have used)
Chrono Elite - 2.5 to 3
Wizard high deck - 3.5
Time Machine - 3.5
Bandit - 4
Time Traveller - 5.5 to 6
Mirage Sea kayak 10+

I only had a quick paddle in a 575 Time Traveller & I think it is about 5 to 5.5 (fractionally less than the big Time Traveller - but all this depends a bit on the paddlers size & weight etc.

I haven't tried the new Grafton Alchemist K1 yet - but I like the look of it.



Bandit - low deck (my first of 3 bandits I have owned)

The low deck time bandit is also available with a large cockpit entry - similar to a keyhole cockpit in a sea kayak.  This allows you to sit in the seat then put your legs in afterwards which is handy if you are getting into the kayak in rough or flowing water & need to do it quickly.


high deck Wizard & low deck bandit


TIME BANDIT - high deck - You can still get both rudder options with this model. This gives you the option to use the trailing rudder in rivers with weed or shallow water or the underneath rudder in open water with following waves when you want more control when steering as you chase the runs.

My new high deck bandit.  I absolutely love this kayak!


another nice high deck bandit

my 2nd bandit - high deck version.  I love it.  (Bandit #40 by Steve Muir)


low deck Bandit & Time Traveller


High deck Wizard & Time Machine

I don't have my high-deck wizard any more - but I definitely miss it.  It out-performed other boats on our Browns River races - where there is a very shallow, tight turn - where you can go as shallow as you want to cut the corner - until you run aground.  It is either the 5.2m length or the hull shape or probably a combination - that helps reduce the drag in very shallow water.  I just know that this Wizard copes better with bottom drag than most boats.  My chrono is also good in this department.  The bandit suffers in shallow water but makes up for it in the rough stuff.  I am sure that Steve Muir has an explanation why the Wizard is so good in shallow drag areas.


 Time Bandit  6.2m  42 cm  12.5 - 14 kg  contact Grafton for price options
 Time Traveller  6.0m  54 cm  14.5 kg  
 Chrono Elite  5.75m  42 cm #  12kg  
 575 Time Traveller  5.75m  bit less than 54    
 Time Machine  5.5m  46 cm  11 - 13 kg  
 Wizard low deck (K1 specs)  5.2m  46 cm  11 - 13 kg  
 Wizard high deck (K1 specs)  5.2m  51 cm  12 - 13 kg  
 Alchemist (stable K1 racing)  5.2m  contact  for  details
 K1 (spectrum)  5.2m  38 cm   9 - 11 kg  
 GT (TK1 specs)11 - 12  4.58m  58.5 cm  11 - 12 kg  
 Avenger (downriver racer)  4.5m  60cm  10 - 11 kg  

# Chrono width is above the waterline.  See comments in Chrono section above.

Weights are approximate & depend on construction etc.


For more information contact Steve or Leila Muir at GRAFTON PADDLE SPORTS
phone: 02 6642 4780
fax: 02 6643 4980
20 Bessie Street
South Grafton NSW 2460

Grafton Paddle Sports is also on Twitter & Facebook