matty's tasmanian adventures - index


My Favourite Gadgets

Garmin GPS Map 62S

small Sony AM/FM radio

Motorola Satellite phone

Canon SX1 camera & waterproof Panasonic Camera

SPOT beacon

Garmin Forerunner 310XT training gps

Petzl 4 x LED head torch with red lens to preserve your night vision

my paddling gear for expedition trips

This is the minimum amount of gear that I carry for multi-day trips.

Paddling gear
(with a few kayaks to choose from - I think carefully about the area and conditions I will be paddling in and weigh up the priorities of whether I want to travel fast or slow & comfortable)
paddle - I generally use a 'Max Kayaks - stealth paddle - medium blade in easy conditions or with a light kayak - or small blade with a heavy boat or strong headwinds
spray deck - making sure that it is in good condition before the start of a trip and carry neoprene repair glue with me
pfd - picking a comfortable one with lots of pockets
cap - one with a sun flap down the back and sides - or a warmer cap in cold conditions
paddle top - since Justine Curgenven introduced me to the ChillCheater tops I wouldn't use anything else - they are very comfortable and effective
booties - I use diving booties that have a side zip and some tread on the bottom - to slip less when walking around rocks
thermals - these are a disposable item - they don't last forever - I usually have some thin thermals and some warmer woollen ones
socks - I often wear thin thermal socks under the booties for comfort
sunglasses - polarised - essential on a long trip to prevent eye damage - on extended trips I carry spare pairs and have a cord on them so I don't lose them as easily whey I am hit by waves
manual pump - even when I am using a kayak with an electric or foot pump, I also carry a manual hand pump
paddle float - to assist getting back into the kayak in rough conditions - it could save your life
deck compass - for navigation - be aware when you put some electronic things near the compass it can affect its accuracy
small cooker - I normally use an MSR Windpro
small gas cylinder
Sea to Summit titanium cutlery
MSR titanium pots
pasta meals
daytime food bars
water bottles
tea bags
hot chocolate powder


polar fleece
rain coat
walking shoes
compact towel
face washer & soap

medical stuff - tablets etc
kneed it
grey tape
small radio with AAA batteries
head torch with AAA's
spare paddle (break-down paddle in a spare paddle bag)
camera, batteries, charger
sat phone
normal phone
note book and pen
folding solar panel with 12v plug
leatherman tool
length of rope (for towing and tying the kayak up above high tide)

small tent, poles & pegs
sleeping mat
sleeping bag
ground sheet
overhead tarp